Monday, November 11, 2013

Flat Tummy - Interesting facts

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I hope articles I am writing in this blog are helping you in giving some knowledge and helping you in maintaining healthy life style. When I was checking something in Facebook I came across an  interesting posting from some one. It gave me a though about this article. I would like to share some idea about getting flat tummy. 

Readers I am also using these tips which I am going to share with you today to achieve flat tummy. I am sharing the photo which gives us information about how our food habit needs to be . This does not mean that you need to take less food or low carbohydrate food, we need carbohydrate  which is source of energy, but make a wise decision about how much carb you need for better energy. So if you take less carbs than what your body require to function slowly your body tend to loose energy. Specially when you are doing exercise then your body need lot of energy. 

  1. Avoid food products which are made with Maida (multipurposeflour) – these foods are without any Fiber, absolutely zero fiber which is not at all good. Try to take food with high fiber. Personally I prefer brown rice compared to white rice. If you think it's hard for you to choose brown rice, then there are excellent Fiber supplements (I  like Organic Fiber supplement NUTRILITE INVISIFIBER you can click on this link and buy online) in market which can be mixed with food and can be consumed. 
  2. Instead of reducing food intake reduce quantity but increase the number of meals, for example instead of taking 3 heavy meals take 6 small meals. This will make sure food will be efficiently used by your body.
  3. Next tip is the one which my friend always follow and recommended so many times also. That is taking last meal at least 2hr before going to sleep. Other way we can say try go avoid sleeping after taking meal immediately.
  4. Consume as much water as possible when you try to reduce tummy or body weight. (read my next article to understand relation between water & human body. That will help you to understand improve your water intake.) 
  5. If you take enough fiber, your digestive system is going to work hard to digest the food that way it's going to burn more calories . Also you don't feel lot hungry as fiber rich food fills up the stomach. 

Some good workout tips which can help us reduce tummy, checkout this video. Just walking for jogging is not going to put stress on tummy which can reduce tummy fat or reduce tummy so this following video is good one to reduce tummy.  

If you think this information is going to help , please share this with family and friends. Lets increase the awareness about healthy way for getting flat tummy. Please post your feed back or comments in following comments section. 

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