Saturday, November 9, 2013

5K walk for health life style

Dear Readers, 

                It's my great pleasure to share with you about health related information. I know most of us think why  am I writing these for? Personally I believe in sharing knowledge and improving my knowledge based on group discussion, one thing for sure if we are hiding knowledge that will die. Sharing will  keep the knowledge and information leave for long and help us improving our skills on that area. Today I am going to share my experience how I  started doing my 5K steps walk on daily basis. I am sure most of think we can easily do this & some of you might be walking 10K steps or even more than that. But if you are thinking you are not walking those many steps a day then for sure this article is for you. 

First and foremost thing which you need do is track how many steps you are walking a day. This is little bit tricky as there are so many technical equipment or mobile phone apps with motion sensors to track how many steps you are walking a day to chose one of those to track your daily steps. Its not too hard 

You click on link to download this PDF which was prepared by Boston Marathon Winner Greg Meyer. This helps us making habit of 5K steps easy other than just normal steps what we take on day today life. 

I always encourage every one to have healthy life style which can be achieved with balanced nutrition and exercise. 

Please share this with your family and friends and help them achieving better life style. Write your feedback/reviews or comments in comments section below. 

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